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Is Invisalign the right choice for your Orthodontic Treatment?

Posted by Dr. Len Churmak, 2018-05-22

When a new patient of almost any age visits a Certified Orthodontist for an initial consultation, a frequent question is whether Invisalign clear aligners are an option for properly correcting their malocclusion (misaligned teeth).


Before answering that popular question, it’s always best to begin with a thorough examination from a Certified Orthodontist.


What is Invisalign?

Straightening teeth with a series of retainers is nothing new and has been used successfully by Orthodontists for many years.  Almost twenty years ago, however, Align Technology the company behind Invisalign refined the process of using retainers. Since that time millions of people around the world have been treated using the Invisalign method.


How does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Invisalign treatment process begins much like it does with more traditional types of braces.  Initially, a Certified Orthodontist must examine their patient, make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the required treatment plan to correct the misaligned teeth.


A treatment plan determined by an Orthodontist is then submitted to Invisalign along with patient records that include X-rays, images and models of their teeth.  Using the information provided by an Orthodontist, Invisalign then creates a set of computer-generated models and transforms them into a final virtual setup where the arches are aligned, and the proper occlusal relationship (how teeth come in contact) is achieved.


Stages of Invisalign Treatment

Next, a staging process determines the number of sequential stages of treatment required to achieve the desired outcome, a great smile.  Each stage of treatment equals the tooth movement achieved with one aligner in a series of aligners.


A final setup or end result is transmitted back to the Orthodontist for final checking. If needed, adjustments to the set up are made.  When approved, an automated system using a laser beam solidifies photosensitive liquid resin layer by layer to produce a series of aligners, each representing a stage of treatment.


Invisalign clear aligners are polished, sterilized and delivered to the Orthodontist.  During treatment, the aligners are required to be worn full time and changed every week.  In every case, the complexity of the patient’s misaligned teeth determines the number of clear aligners and stages required.


What does it mean to be Invisalign Certified?

When an Orthodontist promotes that they are Invisalign Certified or that they provide Invisalign treatment, it simply means they have attended training sponsored by Invisalign. It means that an Orthodontist is knowledgeable on how the treatment system works. But to get the results patients deserve takes more than product knowledge.


Correct diagnosis is where successful Orthodontic treatment begins

Knowledge, experience and advanced education in Orthodontics is key in making the correct diagnosis. Regardless of which appliance is used to perform Orthodontic treatment (traditional braces, Invisalign or other), an accurate diagnosis and an efficient treatment plan are absolutely critical to achieve the ideal result.


Trust an Orthodontist to get it Right

Coming up with the correct diagnosis and treatment plan is best achieved by visiting an Orthodontist, a dental specialist with an additional 2 or 3 years of education in the field. While a General Dentist may offer Orthodontic treatments and products based on limited, non-university training, an Orthodontist spends every day diagnosing and treating patients who require expert Orthodontic care.


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