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Only 5% of dentists are certified as specialists in straightening teeth. They're called Orthodontists.

An OrthodontistCan Make All the Difference

An Orthodontist is a specialist in a specific area of dental health in the same way that a Cardiologist is a specialist in heart health. If a person has a heart condition, the specialist they see is a Cardiologist. If you have teeth that are crooked, crowded, showing gaps, a jaw that is not aligned properly or problems with your bite, the specialist you should speak to before agreeing to any treatment is an Orthodontist.

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After graduating from dental school, 4 out of 5 Dentists become General Dentists. A very small number (one of twenty) are accepted and go on to obtain a postgraduate degree in Orthodontics. Only after additional years of education at an accredited university as well as an Orthodontic internship can they present themselves as Orthodontists. Taking seminars, night courses or weekend programs does not mean that a General Dentist is suddenly an Orthodontist.

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While a General Dentist may dabble in and, offer Orthodontic treatments and products based on limited, non-university training, an Orthodontist spends every day diagnosing and treating patients who require expert Orthodontic care. Being an Orthodontist is not part-time profession.

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Why accept the first and perhaps only Orthodontic treatment suggestion you’re given by a General Dentist who has far less training, experience and knowledge? A certified Orthodontist has the education, expertise and professional perspectives that will give you more choice in terms of treatment options and cost. You’ll only understand all your options for Orthodontic treatment options by speaking to a certified Orthodontist.

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Even Dentists Recognize The Value of Seeing a Certified Orthodontist

“When one of my patients requires or is even considering specialized treatment that involves straightening teeth or correcting a bad bite, I always refer them to a fully qualified dental specialist. I always refer them to a Certified Orthodontist.” - Dr Richard Christie, Ottawa
“Expert Orthodontic treatment requires the years of specialized university training that only a Certified Orthodontist has. That’s why I refer my patients of all ages to a Certified Orthodontist.” - Dr Bruce Lister, Manotick
“Orthodontics is a dental specialty recognized by all regulatory bodies in the dental industry. Speaking as a General Dentist, I recognize the difference an Orthodontist can make in helping my patients getting amazing smiles. That’s why I refer my patients to an Orthodontist.” - Dr Alain Quinn, Gatineau

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With offices across Ottawa and in Gatineau, our group of certified Orthodontists are committed to ensuring that all patients receive the highest standards of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to provide people the information they need to make an informed decision regarding orthodontic treatment for themselves or members of their family.

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