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Orthodontic Holiday Tips

Posted by Dr. Shari Borsuk, 2018-05-31

No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you’re undergoing with your Certified Orthodontist, there is likely to be a vacation or two scheduled during the course of your treatment.


While vacations usually mean a welcome break from your daily rules, schedules and routines, your orthodontic treatment shouldn’t be taking any time off! Sticking to certain best practices even while you’re away will ensure that your orthodontic treatment stays on track and on schedule.


Here are a few tips to help with your orthodontic holiday planning.


Pack an Orthodontic Holiday Travel Kit

Before you head off on your well-earned vacay, it’s a great idea to put these items together in an oral hygiene travel kit which you should keep with you at all times.



Be Prepared for Orthodontic Emergencies while on Holiday

If you happen to be on vacation and experience problems contacting your Orthodontist back home, try an online search for orthodontic practices in your vacation location. Both the American Association of Orthodontists and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists have terrific locations searches on their websites.


Checking out these helpful websites can help you find a qualified practitioner in many countries around the world. Orthodontists will frequently lend a helping hand to a patient of another Orthodontist to get him or her out of pain or discomfort.


Be Cautious with Culinary Creations while on Holidays

Food often plays a central role in vacations but always make sure you nibble and nosh with caution. We strongly suggest avoiding the following foods to prevent broken brackets and/or wire distortion while you are on vacation:



Holiday Emergencies with Clear Aligners

If you are wearing clear aligners such as Invisalign® and happen to lose your current trays, don’t panic! Call or email your Certified Orthodontist for their recommendations. If you cannot contact your Orthodontist at home, simply wear the previous trays or the next trays and contact your Orthodontist as soon as you get home!


Don’t Skip on Your Homework even on an Orthodontic Holiday.

Most importantly, keep up with your homework! Continue wearing your elastics, retainers, appliances, etc. as you were advised by your Certified Orthodontist. Outcomes, results and length of your Orthodontic treatment very much depends on consistency, even on vacation.


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