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Straight Teeth for A Lifetime

Posted by Dr. Carine Bourassa, 2018-02-08

Retainers Help Keep Your Teeth Straight for A Lifetime

After the completion of your orthodontic treatment, your certified orthodontist will provide you with fixed and/or removable retainers and advise you on how using them will help you maintain that dazzling new smile for years to come.


Although wearing your retainer for the first few months after completing your orthodontic treatment is critical for maintaining long-term results, lifetime wear yields better results. In general, removable retainer wear is reduced over a period of time but fixed retainers stay in place for many years.


Why do your teeth shift after wearing braces?

Teeth constantly feel pressure from your tongue and cheeks. For your teeth to stay in the exact same position for a lifetime, these pressures would have to remain constant for a lifetime. That simply doesn’t happen.


It is no surprise that, as we age, the muscles and skin of the face and mouth age as well. As a result, pressure on teeth also change. Even someone who hasn’t worn braces can expect their teeth to move over time.


Retainers keep teeth straight

Retainers are the key to minimize the changes that getting older brings and keeping your teeth straight as long as possible. They are a very simple and extremely effective tool for keeping a youthful smile even as the years roll by.


Will your retainers have to be replaced?

It is highly recommended to never change your retainers unless they are lost or broken. If you clean and care for them on a regular basis and maintain good oral hygiene, your retainers should last years.


When damage, breakage or wear happens

Every once in a while, a retainer can break or become damaged depending on eating habits, physical activities and normal oral function. When this occurs, your orthodontist will advise you on whether to repair or change your retainer.  Always bring your retainer with you to your appointment so that it can be checked for proper fit and adjusted if needed.


Retainers can also become loose or change in shape over time.  In these cases, a simple adjustment can prevent your teeth from moving out of alignment. If you have any doubts or concerns about how your retainer is fitting, visit your certified orthodontist for an assessment and opinion.


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