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Smiles and their impact on our quality of life

Posted by Dr. Christopher Clarke, 2016-12-06

With an attractive smile, the whole is often much more than the sum of its parts. A healthy and attractive smile can improve a person’s overall quality of life as well as their self-confidence. According to recent polls:


First Impressions Often Start with A Smile

Whether you like it or not, we live in a society that places a tremendous emphasis on first impressions. It is generally believed that your smile is one of the first characteristics noticed by others. Beyond the first impressions of a smile, due to the requirement to use one’s mouth in conversation; during meals; and intimately – some studies have shown that many people would prefer to have a misshapen arm or leg rather than a misshapen mouth.


Great Smiles can be found in Your Orthodontists Office

Fortunately, treatment is available to correct most of the problems of poorly aligned teeth – the treatment is known as orthodontics. A mouth of shining metal is truly a thing of the past compared to modern-day braces that are smaller and less noticeable. For many younger patients and even some adults, braces have become a fashion statement – some are decorated in various colours at each visit to the orthodontist. Most adult patients chose clear, ceramic braces that help conceal the fact that you are wearing them. For those patients who want to completely conceal the fact that they are straightening their teeth, a technology called Invisalign straightens teeth by using a series of clear aligners that fit like a thin, tight mouth guard.


Get an Early Start on a Dazzling Smile

Both the Canadian and American Associations of Orthodontists recommend that a child’s first visit to an orthodontist take place at age seven. Starting young allows for early identification, and possibly treatment, of significant dental and skeletal imbalances of the teeth and developing jaw structures.


It’s Never Too Late for a Smile

For adults: there is no age limit for orthodontics. Teeth and tissue are essentially the same in both adults and children except that growth has mostly stopped. Orthodontists can successfully realign crooked teeth or a protruding overbite regardless of your age. Many of the most satisfied patients are adults who have lived several decades with misaligned teeth and, following orthodontics can now experience the benefits of an attractive smile.


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