Ottawa-Gatineau Orthodontists Alliance

Testimonial given to Dr. Nick Karaiskos

“Every single person in this office is so friendly and professional and Dr. Nick is really one of a kind. If you want your child to feel welcome and comfortable, this is the place for you. Each step of the way is explained so that you know what to expect and what a beautiful smile at the end of it all! A great experience from beginning to end.”


“My daughter had such crooked teeth that she became very self-conscious and refused to smile for photos without covering her mouth with her hand. When Dr. Nick and his fabulous staff presented her with the need to wear braces with an appliance she didn’t even hesitate because she was so excited to fix her smile. Giving your child the gift of a terrific smile is such an invaluable one; she has been transformed into a young lady who has so much more self-confidence and never hesitates to flash us her smile! Thank you so much Dr. Nick and staff for the best gift in the world-a smiling teenager!”


“As an adult of a certain age I was very reticent when my dentist referred me to see Dr. Nick for braces. I went grudgingly thinking this was not an adventure I wanted to embark upon at my age. It was one of the best decisions I could have made because now I have corrected my bite and can eat a sandwich or a burger and am able to chew and cut my food properly. Dr. Nick and his whole team made me feel at ease and that you are never too old for a great smile and a functional bite. I should have done this sooner but am so happy that I walked through the doors of this excellent orthodontist.”

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