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Patient Testimonial for Dr. David L. Sim

‘Dr. Sim always took the time to thoroughly evaluate our children’s orthodontic needs. He is honest (in one case, he determined that treatment was NOT necessary), professional and very approachable. From “severe” displacement to more moderate requirements, he treated them all! What great results!! Dr. Sim’s staff were and continue to be fantastic, very supportive and informative. All questions were answered and they tried to accommodate our schedule. Bravo! 5 down, 1 to go!”


“My two sons had their teeth straightened by Dr. Sim, they both now have million dollar smiles. At age 55, I decided that finally it is my turn, after a life time of half smiles I went to see Dr. Sim. Under his direction I had two gum surgeries, another surgery to install titanium screws and finally Dr. Sim installed the braces. Fast forward 2-1/2 years, I am smiling all the time now. My transformation is both physical and emotional, I can’t thank Dr. Sim enough for what he did for me. It is never too late :-))”


“We were advised by our dentist that our son required braces and referred us to Dr. Sim. We attended Dr. Sim for a consultation when our son was 10. Dr. Sim advised us it was too early and recommended we come back in a year. So we did, We were then advised to come back when he was 13. Our dentist kept telling us that we should have braces on our sons teeth. Dr. Sim was not prepared to put braces on until it was the best time to avoid a duplication of services. We were very grateful for this honesty. The braces were put on in March 2010 and removed in October 2012. We were so impressed with the process. Our son’s teeth are so beautiful. We had a situation where a bracket came loose. Dr. Sim office brought him in right away. The staff were always friendly and provided answers to any questions we had. The hours that Dr. Sim offers can accommodate anyone’s schedule. Thank you Dr. Sim.”

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