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Patient Testimonial for Dr. Dong-Phung Van

“I got Invisalign to straighten my front teeth. The attachments blended with my teeth very well, so they weren’t visible. Dr. Van and Justine at the front desk are so kind and always in a great mood. They were honest with what the process would be and told me all my options. It was an amazing and painless experience with great results. I definitely recommend Van Orthodontics.”

~ Megan G.


“Dr. Van was professional, encouraging and provided me with a very efficient and delightful service. Her expertise in her field of work is unparalleled and her enthusiasm within her workplace environment is always cheerful with her staff members and patients.”

~ Anjali R.


“My experience with Dr Dong-Phung Van and Van Orthodontics was great. It was painless and over-all easy procedure for the braces. My before and after transformation with my teeth is incredible. After a year and a half, my teeth are whiter and perfectly straight. Well done. Thank you for giving me a smile that is worth millions.”

~ Raj C.

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