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8 Questions to ask your Certified Orthodontist on your first visit

Posted by Dr. David Sim, 2018-11-01

So, you or perhaps your child has been referred to see a Certified Orthodontist. Even if you do know that an orthodontist is a dental specialist in straightening teeth, you may be wondering what kind of questions you should be asking during your first visit. 


Here are a few queries that could be helpful the first time you speak to your Certified Orthodontist:


1. What is the problem with my teeth?

Your Certified Orthodontist should be able to explain the problem to you in an easy to understand manner and, show you precisely what the goal of corrective treatment will be.


2. What if I decide not to undergo orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is an excellent investment in your oral health. However, in most cases, treatment is an elective procedure. So, you will want to have a good understanding of the anticipated benefits of treatment as well as the potential risks of not doing anything.


3. What is the best age for my child to start treatment?

Not all problems with a child’s need to fixed right away. Your Certified Orthodontist will advise you of the best age to start treatment for your child’s specific issue. If your child is not an ideal age to start treatment, then your Orthodontist will suggest you return to the office at a later date to check on your child’s development.


4. What are my options for an orthodontic “appliance” that can be used?

Although metal braces are probably the most common method, clear braces and removable aligners (example: Invisalign) have become increasingly popular and are great options for the right individual. Your Certified Orthodontist can help you decide what’s best for you.


5. How much discomfort can I expect during my treatment?

Yes, for most people orthodontic treatment can be, at times, uncomfortable.  But it should not disrupt your life for long periods of time. Typically, any discomfort is for a few short days following your appointment where your braces have been adjusted.


6. How long will my Orthodontic treatment take?

Obviously, this will vary based on the severity of your problem and your reaction to Orthodontic treatment.  But an estimate of your treatment length should be provided by your Certified Orthodontist early on. There are also newer treatment methods that can help to speed up the movement of your teeth.


7. How frequently do I need to see my Orthodontist?

In most cases, a visit every month or two is all that’s required. However, there are even options today that allow your orthodontist to check your progress through periodic smartphone patient submitted photographs, thereby lessening the number of visits to the office.


8. What will be the cost be for my Orthodontic treatment?

Most Certified Orthodontists will have an initial fee and be able to estimate the full costs of your treatment with payment being spread out over a number of months. Many Orthodontic offices offer payment plans and financing options.


Although not an exhaustive list of questions, answers to these initial questions should provide you with more than enough information to make a decision concerning your orthodontic treatment.


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